12 Ideas for Valentine Day at Home for Married Couples

Can’t go out? Find a babysitter on Valentine Day can be quite tricky. Or don’t want to go out? Can’t tolerate all the cheesy teenage love in the streets. Here are 12 ideas for Valentine Day at home. Shut out the outside world and on this 14, celebrate the true spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Decorate a Cake Together

You don’t have to good at baking to do this. Get your cake from the local supermarket. Add in some whipping cream, sprinkles, chocolate bits, Kit Kat, MnMs, whatever suits you. Make your own special cake this Valentine Day at home

Turn your room into a hotel

Take out the fancy sheets and towels. Put some roses and chocolates on the sheet. Close the curtains and pretend it’s your favorite hotel in the world.

Have a picnic together

If you don’t want to leave your home, you can have one in your backyard. One of you can pack the picnic basket, while the other sets the ambiance in the backyard. Remember to dress for the picnic.

Watch an entire series on Netflix

You can stay at home to binge-watch the series you are always thinking of watching. Valentine’s Day is a good time to snuggle in front of the screen with popcorns. If you haven’t caught on to the Netflix craze, you get one free month trial when you sign up.

Just Talk

Or you could just talk. Make Valentine Day at home a sans-mobile day. No electronics. Give each other quality time for just one day. Refresh your memories. Share your opinions. Tell each other a secret.

Play a Game Together

Games are a great way of bonding and relaxing. Games give you time away from all that stress and with each other. Play cards, Monopoly, Pictionary, or Twister.

Make a Gift Together

Make a patch to give each other a handmade Valentine Day gift this year. Do it together. Pinterest has lots of ideas. Find out what you are going to make before the day. Buy all the materials beforehand. Sit together while making the gift. You can make a game of guessing each other’s gifts.

Strip Trivia

If you’re looking for something naughty, this could be it. You can download Trivia games on your mobile. And make it special in your own way.

Book a Couple’s Massage

You don’t have to go out for that. Hire a masseur to come to your home. Roll out the tension together.  Or if you are saving money, you can always give each other a good massage.

Do Yoga Together

Another way to relax is doing yoga together. Yoga relaxes your body and gets you to release all the tension in your muscles. There are tons of Yoga videos on YouTube. Make some room in front of your TV screen and roll out the mats.

Have a Slumber Party

You can pretend to be teenagers having their first slumber party. Bring back the fun in your bedroom.

Enjoy a Takeout with a cheesy movie

If you can’t agree on anything, make this your last go-to option. Let your husband chose the takeout place and you chose the movie. Only you don’t tell each other your choice until the food arrives. Surprise!

Valentine Day doesn’t have to be expensive. It should be about you people as a couple. These 12 ideas Valentine Day ideas will help you relive your love for each other. Happy Valentine Day.

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Safaa Elbanna is a certified Homeopath and Skincare Practitioner. Safaa  helps busy working ladies to avoid the aging effect of physical and mental stress, especially on the skin through natural homeopathy medicines and techniques

12 Ideas for Valentine Day at Home for Married Couples

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