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Lori after receiving laser skin rejuvenation treatments from Safaa Elbanna

I had a few laser skin rejuvenation treatments with Safaa Elbanna and have noticed a definite reduction in my rosacea, which I’m very pleased about. I have also noticed that my skin is a bit firmer around the jawline. I was impressed with Safaa’s knowledge of cosmetic laser skin technologies. Safaa made me feel very comfortable while having these treatments. I would recommend Safaa to anyone who is interested in improving the look of their skin.

 –Lori Bosworth

Bloger/Editor of Torontocity

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“I first visited Selbanna Wellness to treat my long lasting acne scar problem. For years, I struggled with rough surface texture and scars on my cheek, owing to a bad  habit of picking at my face during my teenage years.


I tried everything at other clinics. From chemical peels to laser resurfacing, everything to very little or no avail. Then one day, through a referral by a friend, I met Safaa. She Recommended  rather than resurfacing, a targeted beam promoting collagen synthesis would have given me much better results.  And it did! After 2 treatments, my cheeks are noticeably smoother and radiant. I was even offered complimentary microdermabrasion to maximize the effects of the laser.


I encourage anyone seeking aesthetic facial treatment to visit Selbanna Wellness. Safaa is not only very competent, she is empathetic and honest. Selbanna Wellness is definitely my number one go-to clinic for any future treatments ”


Jura Nakamura

UoFT Student/ Enginering Program

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“I love the procedure I had and never had anything like it before, so I was nervous, but Safaa was amazing and explained all the benefits and what would I experience. My skin looks amazing and I trust Safaa with my skin 






— Karen Roy

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I am very happy and content with my experience at Selbanna wellness. Dr Safaa is highly professional and very knowledgeable. I feel safe and comfortable having her personally perform my laser treatment. Not only has she treated my complaint, but also set and executed a plan to manage the underlying causes of my problem. Her kind and friendly attitude are unique to these times when doctors are in a hurry to see the next patient! She gives enough time to hear me out and explain everything to be done. I can’t recommend Selbanna Wellness enough. It’s a treat.

— Heba Saleh

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Dr Safaa is so kind, decent and honest person. First I attended an information session about the services she offer in her office and felt so comfortable to be her client. She has the experience and knowledge one can trust and only recommended what most benefit my case I tried skin rejuvenation program for my acne scars and can feel and see my skin getting smoother and younger after my second session 😊 I also got laser treatment and so happy with the results I am totally satisfied with my experience and recommend her for all


— Amal Moustafa

Dr. Safaa has been my colleague for over 5 years through our work in a medical institute together and I have seen that she was very loved by her patients and cared for them very well and I love to work with her because she works professionally and honestly

–DR.Wael Elattal

(Consultant of Plastic Surgery, MD,PhD, Fellow of EBOPRAS and Medical Director at Banan                                                                               Specialized Center in Riyadh.)