Skin Health

Nourished (Glowing) from inside out

Are you ready to…

Change the tired look, get rid of the negative comments .

Have glowing  appearance without worrying about Waring make up .

Feel youthful and energetic, internal and external.

Vibrate with happiness, stress can’t leave its print on you..

Beautifully shine naturally without chemicals..

Together, we will discover…

Your skin type, and how this will affect your skin care regimen .

Your skin problem. what external factors  causing or aggravating it.

The inner health reflected, on your skin and how to manage it.

How to have  healthy, youthful, glowing and refreshed skin  .Naturally

Skin health the look and the meaning.

One of the factors in determining the stage of ageing  is wearing make up, it ranges from no make up, sometimes wearing and always wearing. Harsh but true we wear make up to cover the changes from pallor, dark spots to wrinkles. It is the way woman wants to state that “Hey it is still me youthful and productive“. It is not about numbers of years but about being radiant in all stages of the life.

Let us do that

Skin health goes beyond skin care products.

In TCM. and integrative medicine, it is known that when the skin is not healthy it means there is dysfunction in the gut or lung. Actually this special organ reflects many of the inner physical and emotional problems. To have healthy skin we have to include all body systems and look to the person as a whole because skin is not a cover, it is organ and biggest organ of the body.

After addressing all the elements involved and managing it the home care products protocol comes to function


If you have premature aged skin:

  • Fine or course wrinkles.
  • Sun spots and uneven complexion.
  • Wide pores without having oily skin.
  • Loss of elasticity especially around the eyes.
  • Saggy skin at jaw line.
  • Thick and rough texture (photoaging)

Having dry, sensitive or oily skin:

  • Dry skin is a real problem especially during winter.
  • Dryness causes itching and facilitate wrinkle development.
  • Sensitive skin needs special care  .
  • Redness, telangectasia and burning sensation.
  • Oily skin dries too and needs care to balance.
  • Oily skin doesn’t wrinkle fast but can develop acne and acne scars.


Acne, pigmentation or scars!

  • Acne is not always a teen problem, sometimes it starts late in life.
  • When not managed well it leaves pigmentation or scar.
  • Other pigmentation can be sun spots or uneven skin colour.
  • Some internal diseases change the colour of skin.
  • wide pores and scars appear with age as the skin starts to be tired and lazy.

Why I want to work with you:

I want to give you all my experience in skin care and aesthetic medicine , wrapped with the integrative approach to achieve maximum healthy skin and fit body with mental clarity. I will look at you as a whole not your skin only helping you to be the best version of yourself  and reach where you want to be.

Away from chemicals, medications and with all the blessings of nature you can have long energetic life full of beauty and care. taking care of yourself is the first step of taking care of others. Making yourself a priority will make you more happily productive.