Nose Reshaping: What are my options?

In a recent poll, people were asked what’s the one thing they would like to change about their face? The majority replied, their nose.

And it’s true. Most of the people who come to me aren’t happy about the shape of their nose. The nose has been the most defining facial feature of our face which is why Nose reshaping is one of the top cosmetic surgeries around the globe.

Nose reshaping has been the talk of the town for quite a while now, also known as Rhinoplasty or in simpler words a ‘Nose job’.

Why Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is basically a procedure in correcting your nose. But let’s just first figure out why would you want to go through the nose reshaping procedure? There can be a few reasons:

  • Balance your facial features;
  • Problems in breathing due to the ‘deviated septum’ or an injury in the nose.

Nose Reshaping- What are my options?

How will you decide what procedure would suit you the best if you have no idea what options do you have in reshaping your nose?

When it comes to nose reshaping, there are quite a few options. I always give my client an overview of the options. It gives them a better idea of what to expect from their nose job.

Open Rhinoplasty

This one is a pretty common surgical procedure done on complex cases where a cut is placed in and around the tissues or columella between the nostrils from outside, giving your nose the desired shape.

The surgeon gets easy access to the exposure of the nose. Intricate surgeries in reshaping can be done through an open Rhinoplasty ranging between 1.5 to 3 hours.

Close Rhinoplasty

A close rhinoplasty is the opposite of what is done in an open rhinoplasty. The whole procedure has no external incisions and all cuts are basically hidden from the nostrils.

It is suitable for small re-corrections of the nose, is also less time consuming and no scars are actually visible to the eye.

Nose Fillers

Now, this is where it gets interesting! One doesn’t always have to go under surgery to get their nose fixed.

A Rhinoplasty does not always have to be surgical, they can be non-surgical as in the case of fillers.

These are also termed as the ‘Liquid Rhinoplasty’ which is a temporary solution in tweaking the shape of your nose. A filler made of hyaluronic acid (HA) is a simple injection with needles inserted into the nose to alter the shape, nostrils or bridge the height according to the patient’s desires, staying on for around 9-10 months.

It’s quick, easy, painless and no time for recovery is needed.

We at, Sellbana Wellness, are aware of the nose and its anatomy. We use injectables that are cost-effective and really not harsh on the skin. We have a team of licensed practitioners who are well-aware of the amount and positioning of the fillers to give you the best result for your nose restructuring.

The whole procedure is temporary so if you are not really happy with the end result, we can remove the fillers and give you your nose back.

Nose Reshaping through Threads

Apart from the above-mentioned procedures, we can lift your nose through threads also.

This procedure which uses a polydioxanone (PDO) thread achieves the expected result without widening the nose unnecessarily. The threads are placed along the nasal bridge to give it some height and sharpening the tip of your nose.

This procedure is a hit amongst our patients for it doesn’t consume time and you can get around doing your business within an hour.

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