Why is my hair falling out? : 7 Reasons for excessive hair fall

Hair fall can be alarming. Getting a bunch of hair on your hands every time you brush can be quite scary.  It affects your confidence and self-esteem. Here are some reasons for your hair falling out:

Post-Pregnancy Hair Fall

The lustrous hair that you might have enjoyed during pregnancy is suddenly now listless and falling. That’s normal. Pregnancy is a quite difficult time period for every woman and it affects all parts of your body, including your hair. You might suffer from excessive hair fall after pregnancy but this will eventually stop.

Imbalanced Diet

Your hair fall is strongly connected with your diet. Proteins in your diet stimulate hair growth and health. Adding salmon, meat, chicken, eggs, and some vegan protein sources like quinoa, hummus, soy, and beans can reverse the balance.  Another diet-related cause for hair fall is anemia. This affects almost one in 10 women between the age of 20 and 49 years. If you’re suffering from anemia, you might also be experiencing fatigue, headaches, pale skin, dizziness. Ask your doctor to conduct a blood test and if there’s an iron deficiency, he will prescribe an iron supplement to overcome the deficiency. Other reasons for hair fall because of diet could be a deficiency of Vitamin B or excessive consumption of Vitamin A.

Hormonal Imbalance

This usually happens when you start or go off birth control. Hormones also fluctuate during menopause. Taking too much stress can also upset your hormones. If you are experiencing mood swings along with your hair fall, it’s highly likely that’s due to hormonal imbalance.

Underactive Hydroid Gland

The thyroid glands in your neck produce hormones that affect your growth and development. If your thyroid gland isn’t producing enough hormones, the first thing it affects is your hairs.

Certain medications

Medicines such as antidepressants, blood thinners, antibiotics, and certain other medicines promote hair loss. This problem is easily reversible when you stop taking the drugs. If that isn’t possible, talk to your doctor about switching the medicine or lowering the dose.

Over styling Hair

Taming your hair every day to work may be more satisfying but hair treatments, styling, and dying affect the quality of your hair in the long run. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends limiting hairstylers to only once a week and letting your hair air dry.  Switch to natural hair products and use a conditioner after shampooing. If you still can’t get rid of your heat styling products, here are some expert-recommended methods of limiting hair damage.

Sudden Weight Loss

If you have gone through a sudden weight loss, it often leads to brittle and thinning hair. When you go through an abnormal weight loss, you probably starved your body of essential vitamin and minerals. These are important for your hair growth and health. You can correct the problem by adopting a balanced and healthy diet plan. But that will take time. That’s why nutritionists recommend healthy weight loss plans.

For most people, hair is one of your most attractive body features. Hair falling out for any reason will take time to correct. It wouldn’t magically grow healthy in the next few days. But hair fall is almost always reversible with a healthy diet and some lifestyle changes.

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Safaa Elbanna is a certified Homeopath and Skincare Practitioner. Safaa  helps busy working ladies to avoid the aging effect of physical and mental stress, especially on the skin through natural homeopathy medicines and techniques

Why is my hair falling out? : 7 Reasons for excessive hair fall

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