9 Myths about Weight Loss You Need to Break Now

My most dedicated clients always come to me with the complaint that they had been ‘dieting’ for some months, but the needle on their scale is refusing to budge. They are exhausted and they don’t think that they can lose any weight. My best advice to these people has always been to research weight loss facts before adding something to their diet lifestyle. Many of their ‘facts’ are wrong. Here are some of the common myths about weight loss that I have been hearing for some time:

Choose your foods from the low-fat aisle

Low-fat is just another marketing strategy to get usually expensive products off-the-shelves. That low-fat bag of chips you might be buying isn’t necessarily healthy. Brands can pass off their products as low-fat if it contains less fat than the same full-fat product. This doesn’t mean it passes off as healthy food. It just means that the fat content is a little lower. In fact, some of the low-fat food contain high-sugar content. That’s how they make up for the taste.

My advice would be to read the label. Compare it with other regular brands. If the difference isn’t too much, you’re better off without it.

Your weight gain is linked to your metabolic system

I know you all have a friend who is always eating but never gains a shred. And another friend who keeps gaining weight despite her strict diet regime. They always blame it on their metabolic rate. That myth is so common that majority of people believe in it. But in fact, it’s the opposite. When you gain weight, you surprisingly gain muscles with the added fat. The more your muscles, the greater the metabolic rate.

You can increase your metabolism by starting your day with a good breakfast. Add protein and iron-rich foods to your diet. Plus, eat more but cut back on calories.

Snacking is the ultimate evil of weight loss

It’s not the snacks. It’s the kind of snacks you eat. If you lead an active lifestyle, you need snacks to keep you going. Cut back the junky snacks like chips, biscuits, etc. Pop a bag of popcorn. Snack on almonds or replace potato chips with baked vegetable chips.

Lose weight without exercising

That’s the worst way to lose weight. This is one of the most common myths about weight loss. That’s because we really want to believe this one. Articles or people who claim this, are either asking you to skip a meal or drink a magical portion. But it doesn’t work this way. A magical portion like green tea might help with digestion but it won’t kill the fat. And when you deprive yourself of food or a certain kind of food, the craving for that food will increase. The problem with this is the ultimately there will be a trigger, and you will end up eating more of that food.

Exercise doesn’t have to be hard on you. Choose an activity that you like. Swimming, football, yoga, walking with friends. Committing just 30 minutes from your day is enough for weight loss.

You can cut back on calories by skipping a meal

How long do you think you can do that? Two days, a week or even a month. But this approach isn’t sustainable. You go to eat on time. By skipping a meal, you are depriving yourself of energy. This usually leads to mood swings, fatigue, and tiredness. Also, you are going to cave after some time. And when you do, it’s usually with high-sugar food that provides instant energy.

My advice would be to reduce the number of calories in the food, but not the quantity. And when you end up eating more calories, do a simple exercise after the meal. Go for a walk, take the stairs, anything to get the heart pumping.

Replace all your fats and carbohydrates with high-protein foods.

Don’t. The body needs and craves all kinds of foods. Yes, it’s true that foods containing high-protein consume more energy to digest. They make you feel fuller for longer and get your stomach juices rolling. But too much protein can leave you feeling tired. Plus, your body needs fats to absorb essential vitamins like  A, D, E, and K. Your body needs fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to avoid constipation. And you need carbohydrates to provide energy to the brain, heart, kidneys and the nervous system. Every food category has its benefits. If you still wish to add more proteins to your diet, talk to a nutritionist before starting.

There are magical foods that make you burn calories

If there are, you would like we would’ve found the cure for the obesity pandemic. Certain foods to increase metabolic rate but all food contains calories. All foods contribute to your daily calorie count. The best you can do is choose food that is low in calories. This way you can eat more but still keep yourself without your daily calorie limit.

You are overweight because you are eating too much

This is the ultimate myth about weight loss. But it isn’t necessarily true. Your weight gain could be because of a number of reasons. It could be genetics. It could be a sedentary lifestyle. Hormonal problems. Certain medications. Junk Food. Or a combination of these.

More water, more weight loss

Drinking water is very healthy for your body. It keeps you hydrated and healthy. But you are not doing to lose weight by drinking more water. Even if you don’t want to lose weight, you should be drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day. Plus, if you need to eat when bored, water can be a great way to curb the habit.

My best advice on weight loss is don’t follow all weight loss advice. I have overheard some of the weirdest myths about weight loss at my office, salon and even the gym.  Ask a dietician or a nutritionist before making a lifestyle change to lose weight. You could end up frustrating yourself- or worse, gain more weight.

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Safaa Elbanna is a certified Homeopath and Skincare Practitioner and. Safaa  helps busy working ladies to avoid the aging effect of physical and mental stress, especially on the skin through natural homeopathy medicines and techniques

9 Myths about Weight Loss You Need to Break Now

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