7 Reasons Why Laser Hair Removal is the Better option

Removal of our unwanted hair is one of the biggest dilemmas facing our society. For years, we had waxed, shaved and also threaded. And nothing has kept our hair at bay for more than 2 weeks at max. But with laser hair removal, there’s hope.

We don’t have to go through painful hair removal process, or try a procedure that results in thick, coarse hair. It’s both painless, and limits the growth of hair to almost nothing.

And that does feel too good to be true, doesn’t it?

7 Reasons why laser hair removal is better

Let us talk about Laser hair removal and why later hair removal is the better option:

Reduces Hair Growth

Your hair growth can reduce drastically through laser hair removal. It can potentially lessen the growth so much that one can actually stop using razors too.

Less Painful

Yes, you read it right. Laser hair removal is basically less painful as compared to other primitive methods. It can bring in temporary uneasiness and the pain may vary on every part of your body but it gradually decreases throughout the laser hair removal treatment sessions. Because of its evolving nature and technology, some laser treatments can be painless too, leaving you fully happy.

It is long lasting

Isn’t it best to know that your hair is not going to come back forever? FYI, Laser hair removal is permanent. This should be reason enough for you to do laser hair removal.

Having to go to the salon every two weeks in our busy schedule, is already a chore. Now imagine yourself with a soft, silky and shiny skin, that too forever? Yes, that’s the greatest benefit to go for the laser hair

Removes ingrown hair

We know that waxing, threading or shaving have been our last resort for years. And we also know that they just get the hair out from the upper surface of our skin.

They also cause a lot of irritation and pain especially, in our sensitive areas. Laser hair removal gives us the opportunity to completely eliminate the hair from its roots. If you don’t have the hair within, there is no reason for you to go through the pain of removing your ingrown hair.

Confidence builder

It’s a proven fact beauty makes one very confident. Unwanted body hair can lower our self-esteem. With laser hair removal done, you need not worry about anyone noticing patches of hair anywhere in your body anytime.

It’s Quick

Laser hair removal is quick and to the point. Your upper lips can be done in a fraction of a minute. Each pulse travels with the speed of the light so you get your work done and get started with your business.

Low maintenance

There is no room for any wastage so your maintenance bar already goes
up. Once you are done with the series of your laser treatment, you ought to come back only twice or thrice a year for basic touch-ups and THAT’S it!

We already know that Laser hair removal damages the hair follicle and minimizes its growth completely. Sure it can be slightly heavy on our pockets but isn’t getting rid of the hairy monster an even big relief?

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