5 Ways on How To Destress At Home

We are all currently living in a world that feels unreal right now. Many of us are sequestered in their homes, feeling trapped and a little stressed out.

Research tells us that too much stress weakens our mind and our body. You might feel anxious and depressed, which could result in personality disorders in extreme cases.

There’s no denying that being overwhelmed is an actual state of mind, causing our productivity to decrease at an exponentially low level. Seeing how anxiety and stress levels are increasing all over the world, we decided to write a post on how to destress at home when you feel overwhelmed.

How To Destress

Well, here are some of our takeaways on how to destress at home and enjoy a good quality of life:

Talk to a loved one

Communication is the key to a happy life. Sounds so true. Have you ever
felt that sharing your problems with a loved one suddenly lessens their weightage? This is the magic, we are talking about. Talking or even sharing space with the person you love is directly proportional to de-stressing yourself.

Call them up or have a video conference if they are not with you at home. I know a lot of people are calling up their nieces and nephews daily because kids can be such stress busters.

Experience Nature

There’s a reason why God made our world so beautiful. Look around. Watch the birds, inhale the fresh air and exhale all that pressure away. Bond up with nature. Studies tell us that meditating or even walking outside can help in de-stressing yourselves.

A change in your environment is openly linked to your mental well-being. I know a walk outside might not be possible right now. If so, then sit on your porch, in your backyard, balcony or even near an open window. Breathe in, breath out.

Listen to Music

Music soothes our mind like no other thing. Find the type of music that brings you peace. Something that takes your occupied mind to a different planet. There is something in it which positively shifts our mind and pacifies the whole aura surrounding us.

So plug into your headphones and groove to the sound of music right now.


I’m not lying, exercise is an addiction. Your body works like a motor and requires revamping from time to time. If you are stressed or exert yourselves, your bodies will eventually wear off.

To overturn it all, you need to exercise. Exercising regulates the flow of blood and keeps a check on it. An overwhelmed mind wants rest. There is nothing better than exercising to give your mind the rest it requires.

An overworked mind negatively affects in producing the stress hormones, a daily exercise will help in increasing the blood oxygen level suppressing
those hormones.

Watch YouTube videos. If you are a beginner, start with this Leslie Walk.

Bond with an animal

Animals are a man’s best friend and we at Safa Elbanna, vouch for it!
Plus, right now animals are the best bonding buddies in these times. If you cry, they cry, if you are happy, they are happy. Such is the effect of an animal in a person’s life.

Gelling, communicating or even looking at an animal reduces your overwhelmed state of mind and brings eternal happiness that knows no match.

While the feelings of being overwhelmed will always stay with us, we can change their impact through practicing certain things differently.

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