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Laser Hair Removal vs Waxing – A Choice For You To Make

As girls, we wish for silky smooth skin with our bodies being hairless at all times. Hence we resort to options like shaving, waxing, and even laser treatments – all of which can lead to general discomfort but are worth the results for a beautiful you. If you are going to make the choice between waxing vs laser hair removal, then keep reading. Are you ready to spend a hefty amount on laser treatments or are you still willing to hold onto those “ouch”? Too much to think about? Well, don’t worry as I’ll help you in making a decision Continue Reading

Nose Reshaping: What are my options?

In a recent poll, people were asked what’s the one thing they would like to change about their face? The majority replied, their nose. And it’s true. Most of the people who come to me aren’t happy about the shape of their nose. The nose has been the most defining facial feature of our face which is why Nose reshaping is one of the top cosmetic surgeries around the globe. Nose reshaping has been the talk of the town for quite a while now, also known as Rhinoplasty or in simpler words a ‘Nose job’. Why Rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty is basically Continue Reading

Dermatologist- Approved Skincare For Rosacea

Do you have to increase your restroom visits during the night just to splash cold water on your skin? Are you conscious about your skin flushing red in during physical exertion? Or maybe your face starts pulsating and swelling up with pustules all over in between a lecture in college. I was referring to the flushing of the skin which is similar to an acne rash. You probably already know it. You have a skin condition more commonly known as Rosacea. Rosacea is a widespread disease affecting more than 450 million people in the world and is commonly mistaken for Continue Reading