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Superfoods for a glowing skin

Let me tell you a secret. The key to a glowing skin isn’t in your beauty bottles, it’s in the kitchen. Sure, your skin takes from your genes, but taking good care of your skin also means eating right. You can fight off acne or delay wrinkles, with just a few changes in your eating regime. Here are my top healthy superfoods for a glowing skin: Do Eat Tomatoes Tomatoes are the first food on my glowing skin diet. They contain Lycopene that boosts your collagen. Collagen fights against wrinkles by giving your skin a firm and youthful look. Lycopene, Continue Reading

Why is my hair falling out? : 7 Reasons for excessive hair fall

Hair fall can be alarming. Getting a bunch of hair on your hands every time you brush can be quite scary.  It affects your confidence and self-esteem. Here are some reasons for your hair falling out: Post-Pregnancy Hair Fall The lustrous hair that you might have enjoyed during pregnancy is suddenly now listless and falling. That’s normal. Pregnancy is a quite difficult time period for every woman and it affects all parts of your body, including your hair. You might suffer from excessive hair fall after pregnancy but this will eventually stop. Imbalanced Diet Your hair fall is strongly connected Continue Reading

12 Ideas for Valentine Day at Home for Married Couples

Can’t go out? Find a babysitter on Valentine Day can be quite tricky. Or don’t want to go out? Can’t tolerate all the cheesy teenage love in the streets. Here are 12 ideas for Valentine Day at home. Shut out the outside world and on this 14, celebrate the true spirit of Valentine’s Day. Decorate a Cake Together You don’t have to good at baking to do this. Get your cake from the local supermarket. Add in some whipping cream, sprinkles, chocolate bits, Kit Kat, MnMs, whatever suits you. Make your own special cake this Valentine Day at home Turn Continue Reading