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Are you ready to…

Discover the root of your ailment, and what it means.

Understand how the body asks for help in its unique way.

learn about homeopathic remedies,  and how it works.

Dive in your thoughts ,  your symptoms and know how to manage them.

Take an action and restore your vital force.

                                                                                                                            You will be able to know….

Which remedy , works for you.

How to handle it. what to do if you  develop different ailment later on.

will it work with, every complaint or not.

For how long you have to take the remedy. .what you shouldn’t take with it

The steps of homeopathic consultation.

Homeopathy is an ancient art effective branch of holistic medicine. The relation between the client and the Homeopath is unique, the approach is different and the client has a big role in it. As much as he/she gives information as much as he/she has good results and matching with the remedy right for him/her.

The consultation is collecting information about the client and symptoms and find the right remedy which matches the physical, mental and emotional state.


The first session:

  • About 2 hours of conversation, mostly you will be the one who talks.
  • We will try to go deep together to understand the symptoms.
  • I will ask few questions related to the ailment, although it doesn’t look like that.
  • I will explain in details how homeopathy works.
  • I will give you god idea about homeopathic remedies .
  • I will explain how we match the remedies.

Next week after the consultation

  • I will take one week to study the case and decide the matching remedy.
  • you will come to pick up the remedy.
  • you will receive detailed oral and printed instruction about how to use the remedy .
  • If you can’t pick up the remedy, it will be mailed to you with written instructions.
  • Next appointment will be booked after 3-4 weeks to assess the response.


First follow up

the session is about an hour, we go through all the previous symptoms and any changes happened since taking the remedy.

we go through any additional information you want to add or talk about.

It might be modification of the remedy according to the progress.

Another appointment will be booked 1-2 months depending on the progress.

Let’s discover what history says about Homeopathy.

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