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9 Myths about Weight Loss You Need to Break Now

My most dedicated clients always come to me with the complaint that they had been ‘dieting’ for some months, but the needle on their scale is refusing to budge. They are exhausted and they don’t think that they can lose any weight. My best advice to these people has always been to research weight loss facts before adding something to their diet lifestyle. Many of their ‘facts’ are wrong. Here are some of the common myths about weight loss that I have been hearing for some time:   Choose your foods from the low-fat aisle Low-fat is just another marketing Continue Reading

7 Korean skincare secrets every woman should know

  Koreans are famous for their flawless, everlasting skin beauty. The secret sauce isn’t such fantastic genes. There’s more to the story. Korean women are passing on some solid Korean skincare secrets through generations. And now there’s out. Get that want-to-be-touched Korean skin with these 7 Korean skincare secrets: 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine Flawless, beautiful skin doesn’t come easy. The Koreans will tell you that. They end their day by following an 11-Step Skin Care Routine. This includes: Double Cleansing: The Koreans like to be thorough when it comes to cleansing. They start with a liquid cleanser to remove all Continue Reading

How to build your own Mason Jar Salad + 5 easy Mason Jar Salad Recipes

  When it comes to eating healthy, it’s the meal preparation that kills your healthy diet plan. Especially for moms and working ladies. We don’t have the luxury of creating salads every day. And there go our plans of contributing much to the healthy fit Facebook group, right? Prepping your salad jar beforehand is a great idea. When you have your salad jar waiting to be opened, you’re more likely to follow your track. To be honest, it’s not too difficult. You can create your entire week’s Mason Jar Salad’s with just a little knowledge and my favorite 5 Mason Continue Reading