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The Rescue Remedy is one of the most popular Bach Flower Remedy, developed by Dr. Edward Bach. It acts as an over-the-counter medicine for stress and other emergency situations. With stress levels rising all over the world, the rescue remedy offers great promise. It helps us relax and focus on your life without pulling us down with any side-effects.

Yes, it’s true. Rescue Remedy is probably the only proven stress-relieving medicine WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECTS.

Rescue Remedy is used to treat:

Emotional stress;
Mild Anxiety;
Sleeplessness; and

The purpose of rescue remedy is to get rid of the body’s negative emotions and to get the body back to its regular functioning. It helps when you are suddenly faced with a life-threatening situation or have gone through an accident. You can also give it to someone who just lost a loved one and is finding it difficult to cope with the resulting emotions.

Composition of Rescue Remedy

It’s a basically a combination of five flower essences. These are:

Clematis treats inattentiveness. It brings clarity to the world we live in. If you find yourself drawn into a fantasy world and find it difficult to enjoy the present world, then clematis could help you.
Rock Rose eases terror and panic. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t control your panic, rock rose could help you.
Impatiens: deals with irritation and impatience. This is meant for all those people who cannot tolerate others working slowly. They liked to work on their own because they believe they work more effectively that way. Impatiens also helps teach empathy and patience.
Cherry Plum calms disturbing thoughts. If you are prone to go into dark thoughts, cherry plum could help.
Star of Bethlehem soothes shock. It helps recover from shocks and trauma.

How to Make Rescue Remedy

It’s quite easy to make if you have the right ingredients. Add 2 drops of each flower essence to a standard treatment bottle. A standard treatment bottle contains 50 parts water and 50 parts alcohol. Alcohol acts as a preserving agent. If you’re a non-alcoholic, you can replace the brandy with either vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar.

It’s also available as tablets, spray, and even creams.

rescue remedy

Rescue Remedy Dosage for Adults

I prescribe 4 drops of the rescue remedy to my patients, four times a day. You can continue taking the remedy for 4 weeks or till you feel better. You could also add the dose to a glass of water, and continue to sip it throughout the day. If you feel really stressed out, you can increase the dose to 10 drops two times a day.


Rescue Remedy for Kids

Many parents have reported excellent results of rescue remedy for kids. Rescue Remedy is highly recommended for children because it is gentle and has no side-effects. It is prescribed for children suffering from self-esteem problems, bullying, day dreaming, nightmares or general anxiety. It works well with children since their emotional system is still developing and has not suffered from any big emotional setback.

The dosage for children and adults is the same. Add 1 drop of the rescue remedy in a glass of water. Offer the child sips throughout the day till he is able to deal with his anxiety.


Rescue Remedy for Pets

It’s also safe to use for pets. Animals have personalities too. Some are angry, some are anxious. Some are also happy. Sadly, animals cannot tell you why they feel that way. You could try rescue remedy on your animal also. Add 2 drops of the remedy to your animal’s drinking water. Continue for 4 weeks and you’ll definitely observe positive results.


Have a fussy child? Or a cat that’s always grumpy? Give Rescue Remedy a try. Let’s talk about how to introduce rescue remedy.

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