Tissue Salts

Tissue Salts

Tissue Salts are one of the most popular homeopathic medicines. Developing by Wilhelm Schuessler, the 12 tissue salts offer remedies for every disease. Scheussler believed that our bodies are made of twelve vital tissue salts. Any disease and ill-health that you may be suffering from, is because of an imbalance of any of these tissue salts. You can easily overcome your disease by consuming micro-doses of the right tissue salt.


Which Tissue Salt is for you?

tissue salts

Tissue Salts, if used correctly, can help with all kinds of diseases. If you’re researching Tissue Salts for a cure to a specific ailment, let me help you:

Calcium Fluoride

Calcium Fluoride helps strength and repair teeth, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and all the body’s muscle skeletal system. We prescribe this salt to children prone to cavities. It is also helpful for people with sensitive teeth.

As we grow old, it’s common to face pain in your bones, joints, and tendons. Thus, elderly people suffering from loss of bone density, hardened tendons, joint contraction, arthritic nosodites, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, bony growths or any kind of joint trauma should add this salt to their diet. Calc Flor also helps with back pain. People suffering from bone cancer can also take this medicine.

Calcium Phosphate

Calcium Phosphate is an essential constituent of our bones and teeth. It’s crucial for bone growth and development especially in children, pregnant women, and even elderly people. Calc. Phos is the number one remedy for Osteoporosis. Other than that, this salt is often prescribed to patients suffering from Vitamin D deficiency, bone curvatures, Spinal Osteoporosis, Osteomalacia, Dowager’s Hump, pre-mature aging, brittle bones or other kinds of bone injuries.

If your baby is suffering from teething pain, you can introduce calcium phosphate. It’s also recommended for growing pains. You should be giving this salt to your child as a nutritional tonic since it helps give them the right nutrition during their growth spurts. Lactating Mothers can use this salt to increase their milk quality and quantity.

Calcium Sulphate

Calcium Sulphate is an important component of your skin, hair, and nails. It can be taken to help deal with all kinds of skin problems including acne, pus, abscess, cradle cap, dry eczema, unhealed cuts, Psoriasis and even Conjunctivitis.

Ferrum Phosphoricum

Ferrum Phosphoricum is an important constituent of the blood. It helps ease sprained ankles, torn ligaments, tissue inflammation, sore throat, ear aches, chills, and fever. If you’re anemic, Ferrum Pho is very beneficial. Pregnant women with low blood level counts should consume this salt.

Kali Mur

Kali Mur conditions blood and is an important constituent of the blood. Kali Mur helps if you are suffering from cold, ear infection, clogged ear canal, partial deafness, swimmer’s ear and dandruff.

Kali Phos

Kali Phos is also a brain tonic. Hnervous, sensitive and restless people. If you are suffering from stress, have sleeping problems or have become very forgetful, Kali Phos will help.

Kali Sulph

Kali Sulph is focused mainly on the lungs. We recommend it for children suffering from Sinusitis and Bronchitis. It is a famous dandruff remedy and is also used to treat eczema, scaly skin and burning of the skin.

Mag Phos

Mag Phos is the number one remedy for treating muscle and leg cramps and shooting pains. Women suffering from period cramps can also use this salt. It helps in labor pain also.

Nat Mur

Nat Mur is considered an important grief remedy. Physically, it helps maintain a proper balance of body fluids. It helps ease constipation, itching, hives, excessive dryness and water retention. If you suffer from constant headaches, Nut Mur is also very effective cure.


Nat Phos

Some people suffer from an improper acid balance. Eating oranges and other acidic food give them acidity. Nat Phos will help. If you have switched to Atkin’s Diet or any other high protein diet, Nat Phos will help balance your uric acid. Plus it’s also a good detoxifying salt.

Nat Sulph

Nat Sulph will cure your liver problems. It’s best for toxic liver, acute and chronic Hepatitis, liver bile flow problems. Children suffering from asthma can also benefit from Nat Sulph.


Silica helps in mineralization and is an important part of the body’s fibrous tissues. It helps build your stamina. It can help slow down premature aging, hair loss and strengthens nails.


Why Tissue Salts?

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Tissue Salts offer a lot of benefits. They are:

  • Non-Toxic
  • Nonhabit forming
  • Gentle and Safe
  • Lactose Free
  • No side-effects
  • Sweet Taste
  • Safe for Diabetic Patients also
  • Suitable even for infants, pets, and pregnant women


You could also use a combination of tissue salts for your optimal health. To find out how to take these salts, book an appointment with Safaa Elbanna.



About Safaa Elbanna

Safaa Elbanna is a certified Homeopath and Skincare Practitioner and a retired Dermatologist and Cosmetic  Skincare Surgeon. Safaa  helps busy working ladies to avoid the aging effect of physical and mental stress, especially on the skin through natural homeopathy medicines and techniques



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