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Rescue Remedy

  The Rescue Remedy is one of the most popular Bach Flower Remedy, developed by Dr. Edward Bach. It acts as an over-the-counter medicine for stress and other emergency situations. With stress levels rising all over the world, the rescue remedy offers great promise. It helps us relax and focus on your life without pulling us down with any side-effects. Yes, it’s true. Rescue Remedy is probably the only proven stress-relieving medicine WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECTS. Rescue Remedy is used to treat: Emotional stress; Fear; Shock; Depression; Mild Anxiety; Sleeplessness; and Grief The purpose of rescue remedy is to get rid of Continue Reading

Homeopathy for Anxiety

Homeopathy for Anxiety The use of homeopathic medicine has grown exponentially in the last few decades. Millions of people are turning away from modern medicine towards homeopathy. More and more people are realizing that homeopathic medicine has been quite effective with certain disorders. One such condition has been anxiety. Using Homeopathy for anxiety has given positive results in not just adults, but also children and even animals.   What’s Anxiety? Anxiety is a psychological condition where you are in a constant feeling of fear and worry. They lead to fear, nervousness and excessive worrying. Many people suffering from anxiety, often Continue Reading

Tissue Salts

Tissue Salts Tissue Salts are one of the most popular homeopathic medicines. Developing by Wilhelm Schuessler, the 12 tissue salts offer remedies for every disease. Scheussler believed that our bodies are made of twelve vital tissue salts. Any disease and ill-health that you may be suffering from, is because of an imbalance of any of these tissue salts. You can easily overcome your disease by consuming micro-doses of the right tissue salt.   Which Tissue Salt is for you? Tissue Salts, if used correctly, can help with all kinds of diseases. If you’re researching Tissue Salts for a cure to Continue Reading