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Depression, Anxiety, Temper, and even Suicidal Thoughts are negative emotions that you may have experienced at one point in your life. You could even be experiencing them right now. Are you getting sick all the time without any apparent reason? Headaches, fever, fatigue? That’s quite common given our current lifestyle.

If you were to ask Dr. Bach, the inventor of the Bach Flowers Remedy, we would have said it was because the doctors were focusing on the disease itself and not the basic underlying negative human emotion.

Bach flower remedy is a gentle way of purging yourself of your negative emotions.

History of Bach Flowers Remedy

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Bach flowers remedy was developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a well-known doctor, Physician, pathologist, bacteriologist, and Homeopath. Dr. Bach felt dissatisfaction with the way doctors treated their patients. He believed that mainstream medicine focused more on disease rather than on the individual suffering from the disease. He felt that medicine lacked a holistic approach. His inclination towards homeopathy and its principles made him forgo traditional medicinal practices and focus on finder a gentler way to deal with diseases.

Another observation that Dr. Bach made was that our health is associated with our state of mind. He believed that every disease was linked with one or more of the basic 38 negative emotions. He also believed that we can cure these emotions using the healing properties of plants and flowers. With this history as a pathologist, Dr. Bach then went on to find a cure by creating a plant or a flower for each remedy. Through an extensive research, he was able to isolate 38 plants and flowers that cured each of the 38 negative emotions.

Bach Flowers and their Remedies

  1. Agrimony heals the invisible pain behind a happy face
  2. Aspen heals fear of the unknown
  3. Beech heals intolerance
  4. Centaury heals the inability of saying no
  5. Cerato heals lack being of decisive
  6. Cherry Plum: heals fear of losing mind
  7. Chestnut Bud heals the inability to learn from mistakes
  8. Chicory heals selfishness
  9. Clematis heals being very far-sighted
  10. Crab Apple heals hatred of one-self
  11. Elm heals the inability of dealing with responsibility
  12. Gentian heals the dissatisfaction after a failure
  13. Gorse heals misery and depression
  14. Heather heals self-obsession
  15. Holly heals jealousy and envy
  16. Honeysuckle heals someone living in the past
  17. Hornbeam heals fatigue and lack of energy
  18. Impatiens heals impatience and anxiety
  19. Larch heals lack of confidence
  20. Mimulus heals fear of the known
  21. Mustard heals depression and sadness without a cause
  22. Oak heals obsession with the past
  23. Olive heals fatigue and lack of energy after a lot of physical work
  24. Pine heals guilt
  25. Red Chestnut heals obsession of loved-one
  26. Rock Rose heals fear in general
  27. Rock Water heals self-denial
  28. Scleranthus heals failure to reach a decision
  29. Star of Bethlehem heals shock
  30. Sweet Chestnut heals overwhelming depression
  31. Vervain helps too much enthusiasm
  32. Vine heals dominance and inflexibility
  33. Walnut heals the fear of change
  34. Water Violet heals the feeling of satisfaction with isolation
  35. White Chestnut heals unwanted thoughts
  36. Wild Oat heals a lack of direction in life
  37. Wild Rose heals resignation and apathy
  38. Willow heals self-pity and resentment


How to choose your Bach Flower Remedy

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Getting your health back depends on how accurately you can predict your situation. Selecting the right flowers isn’t all that much difficult. Begin by thinking of how you are feeling. Any negative emotions? Write them down. Think of both your current feelings and any recurring feelings. Consider your personality. Are you a confident or a shy person? Write down all those feelings that you feel represent you. Consult the Bach Flowers Remedy list. You could have more than 10 negative emotions.

Narrow and refine the remedies by consulting friends and family. Often they are able to detect traits that you may have overlooked or maybe even never noticed. If you’re stuck, your homeopath doctor will be able to guide you towards developing your customized Bach flowers remedy.

How your Bach Flowers Remedy is made

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After taking your chosen flower essences, a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner will make your treatment bottle. Four drops of each essence are added into a bottle of Custom Bach combination. The custom bottle contains 20 percent brandy and 80 percent water. Brandy acts as a preservative for the flower essence.

Dosage and Use of Bach Flowers Remedy

Bach Flower remedy is an oral medicine. It’s best to take 3-4 drops of the remedy 4-6 times a day. You should continue to use your remedy for as long as you like but for a maximum of six weeks. If you are a non-alcoholic, you can add the drops into hot water before consuming. Brandy will evaporate with the hot water. You can also place the drops on your wrists. Bach flowers remedy is also suitable for children and pets.

Though there are no side-effects of the medicine, it is advisable to consult your homeopath doctor if you experience any side-effects.


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