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Success of Homeopathy in Psoriasis

  What’s Psoriasis? Psoriasis is an unexplained, yet quite common, skin condition where the life cycle of skin cells increases to 10 more than what’s normal. Your skin’s cells start dying at a rapid pace. They start making way to the skin’s surface, resulting in red scaly patches on the skin. The most commonly affected areas are your scalp, navel, shins and the back of the forearms. The likelihood of contacting Psoriasis increases if you are suffering from arthritis, cardiovascular disease, Lymphomas, Chron’s disease and even depression. Psoriasis is genetic and environmental stimulants can trigger this skin condition. However, it’s not contagious. Continue Reading

Bach Flowers

  Depression, Anxiety, Temper, and even Suicidal Thoughts are negative emotions that you may have experienced at one point in your life. You could even be experiencing them right now. Are you getting sick all the time without any apparent reason? Headaches, fever, fatigue? That’s quite common given our current lifestyle. If you were to ask Dr. Bach, the inventor of the Bach Flowers Remedy, we would have said it was because the doctors were focusing on the disease itself and not the basic underlying negative human emotion. Bach flower remedy is a gentle way of purging yourself of your Continue Reading